A proper Rubylux blog……

Earlier this year, I did an over excited blog post on a group that I had just heard on a television show.  The band was Rubylux and I think it is high time I give them the proper blog that they deserve.  In order to refresh your memory, the television show was the US version of Being Human and the song they played was called “The Boy Could Fly.”

After screaming my excitement in that blog, I DID go and look up more on Rubylux and let me tell you….I was sunk.  Their album, Fake Control, was available on iTunes so I downloaded immediately.  I also stayed up half the night lost in a YouTube loop, watching all the videos I could feast my ears on.  Color me impressed.  I am a huge believer in bands that can not only put out a good album, but have the actual talent to sound just as good, if not better just standing on the street and playing.  As it turns out, this is exactly how Rubylux got their start and it shows.  They started busking in their hometown of Brighton a few years ago.  Smart move as it got them far more attention than playing little clubs would have.  Not only that, but I’m convinced that artists that actually take the time to develop, grow, and play together BEFORE making an album actually put out far better music.  It’s not everyone that can just pull up on a street corner, set up their stuff, and sound this damn good.  That’s called TALENT, genuine hard work, and love for what you do, people.  Exhibit A:

Eventually, they earned enough to buy better equipment and then enough to be able to produce a bona fide album.  And what an album it is.  One of the things I love most about it is that it is universal.  They are not stuck to one style or sound.  There are romantic songs, rock songs, and more alternative or indie sounding songs.  The lyrics are intelligent and well written, covering a broad range of themes and ideas.  My very favorite track on the album is called Inside.  Not only is it a very beautiful melody, but the lyrics are epic.  “Oh, maybe I don’t understand why we educate this land only to forget why we’re here…Forgetting the world that’s inside, where you’ll find love.  Divine is in each of us.”

As a sidenote, that video was taken by someone who has become a dear friend.  We met because of Rubylux and it just makes you realize the power of music to bring people together, especially now with the internet.  Soph….you’re awesome and I’m so glad to have met you.  Also, how cool is it that they have not stopped doing street gigs just because they put out an album!  LOVE!  I’ve talked a little bit with the guys back and forth on twitter, and they are genuinely nice and down to earth guys.  I see them doing these little street gigs far into the future.  Someday, I hope to actually get to be around for one.  If not, a show somewhere in the US will have to do.  *coughhinthintifyoureadthisguyscough*

Another favorite is called “What You Need”.  Again…love the music, love the lyrics.  UNBELIEVABLE LIVE!  Nuf said?  Enjoy! 

I could honestly link you to video after video and each would be better than the next.  Hit YouTube, look up some of their street gigs, live performances, and acoustic sessions. You won’t be sorry.  It will be time well spent and your musical life will be richer for it. 

To check out more on Rubylux, you can visit their Official Site.  They are on Twitter and on Facebook.  For us Americans, the only album available on iTunes is their full length called Fake Control and the single for The Boy Could Fly.  Across the pond, I believe there are, or were,  EPs available and hopefully someday we will get those here.  Until then, go HERE to download Fake Control from iTunes.


~ by musicloveaffair on July 17, 2011.

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