80’s Sampler Platter (the underground)

I loved the music of the 80’s.  Still do.  I loved the new wave, the British invasions, the hair metal, and everything in between.  What I loved most though, was the alternative music that came up from the 80’s underground.  Sure, we had our Duran Duran and our Def Leppard, but what intrigued me the most was the stuff that WASN’T being heard all over the radio, at least not here in the United States. 

One such band was Bauhaus.  Fronted by Peter Murphy, whom I’ve blogged about before, this band really never gained fame in the US.  Band members went on to do other things which did become more popular and since their actual split, they’ve gained and retained a true cult following as one of the greatest bands to come out of the underground at that time.  Many people now know the song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” but my personal favorite is this one. 

Another band that I love is Siouxsie and the Banshees.  Their lyrics were often dark and creepy and I loved that about them.  Not to mention, their albums were whole, not a bunch of singles thrown onto vinyl to fill space.  When listening to them, you had to listen to the whole thing to get the entire picture.  They did receive a modicum of US success in the early 90’s, but in my opinion, their earlier work was much better.

OK, granted, The Smiths and more-so their front man Morrisey did gain quite a following…eventually.  Morrisey was, is, and always shall remain one of the greatest singers out there in my book.  He is brilliant.  Period.  Again, the US was slow on the uptake with this one and I have to wonder if it was the music, or the unacceptance of who he was.  Is it the chicken or the egg?  What a fickle music industry we have.  In any case, I’m certainly glad that someone had the sense to introduce me to their music.

Forget Green Day.  If it’s 80’s punk you want, Descendants are it.  They never achieved real fame, but in my mind, they remain one of the early front-runners of what was to come in the punk scene.  They had a little pop touch with their music that made it listenable while still keeping their punk spirit. 

There you have it.  Just a few of the “lesser heard” bands of the 80’s.  They may not have achieved the superstar status of Wham! and Human League, but I loved them.  Long live the underground.


~ by musicloveaffair on June 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “80’s Sampler Platter (the underground)”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Bauhaus=brilliant, and nothing let’s you know that your life could be worse than listening to the Smiths (well, and a little Joy Division.) Throw Siouxsie in there…I think someone’s goth is showing 😉

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