It’s time to Panik!

No, I did not spell that wrong.  Panik, formerly known as Nevada Tan, is one of my all-time favorite German bands.  Sadly, they are no longer together if you remember from one of my previous posts on one of its members, Chris Linke.  If you missed that one, you can find it HERE.

Panik is, in a word, incredible.  While many people compare them to Linkin Park, I really hear little resemblance other than the fact that they both have a great fusion of rock and rap.  It’s an interesting mixture for sure and Panik does it extremely well.  Panik also manages to throw in some brilliant orchestration that only adds to the drama of their music.  Every little piece is amazingly well thought out. I’m going to have serious trouble here just picking a few songs to share as I love them all.  Let me start with this one. It’s called “Revolution” and shows the orchestral/rock/rap mix well.  Turn it up!

If it’s something a bit more calm and melodic that you’re after, Panik has that too.  I chose a video that did translation for this one because, hey, not everyone speaks German and the lyrics are just beautiful. 

Another one of my faves to just crank and scream along with is called “Noch Nicht Tot”.  This translates to “Not Dead Yet” and came at a time when the group was having a lot of, let’s just say record company issues.  The beginning to this song kicks ass.

True to my green heart, they also did a song against problems in the environment called “Kinder (es ist nicht krank)” (Children (Isn’t it sick?)).  In the song, the chorus asks the question “Our children will ask, what have you done?  What are you thinking about if not us?”  Powerful words, don’t you think?  This song also has some gorgeous orchestration and tackles some very important issues.  Again, I chose a vid with translations.  Trust me, it’s worth the watch. 

If you’d like more of Panik’s music, you unfortunately have to order from across the pond, but it’s so worth it.  They really did have great music.  The individual members are still around here and there.  Linke is in LA playing with his own band. David Bonk just put out a CD of his piano music (he was voted Germany’s best musician 2 years running..gorgeous piano) and you can get that on iTunes.  Panik still lives on with its two founding members, David Bonk and Timo Sonnenschein, but it remains to be seen what will become of that.  The other members have gone on to create drum schools, appear in films, and work with other bands. 





~ by musicloveaffair on June 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “It’s time to Panik!”

  1. I can’t dislike a group that writes a song (Revolution) with mathematisch in its lyrics .. no way.

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