The moonchild….

A couple of years ago, I came across one of the most interesting female voices to strike my ear in quite some time.  Her name is Kerli and as if her voice and her look weren’t enough to make her interesting, she also hails from Estonia.  (Don’t worry. I had to google where that is too.)  It isn’t often that an unmistakable female voice comes along.  In my opinion, they all kind of blend after a while, so I enjoy it when I hear one that stands out among the crowd.  Then I saw her video for the song Love Is Dead and I was hooked.  Not only is it creative, but is so simply powerful that you can’t help but sit up and pay attention.

Another favorite song of mine off of that particular album is called Bulletproof.  I’ll stay with you, but remember, be careful what you do cuz I’m not bulletproof.”

Imagine my glee and the fangirl scream that was heard when it was announced that Kerli was doing a collab with Tokio Hotel!!!  It was for the Almost Alice soundtrack…a mediocre movie, but what an incredible song!  It was called Strange, and I have to say, if ever a song was made that fit the very heart of me, this was it.  “All I feel is strange…strange in your perfect world.”

Her newest single is called Army of Love and is more dance oriented than her early work.  I’m curious to see what the album will turn out like.  I’d also love to have hair like this, just for a little while.  hehe

You can find Kerli on her Official Site, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace.  Her music is also available on iTunes (although their store is being twitchy today, so I can’t get to the link. My apologies, but she is there. lol)


~ by musicloveaffair on May 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “The moonchild….”

  1. Once again, one of my faves! Big fan of her style. Nice choice!

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