What if?

I’ve had a lot of conversations and thoughts recently about “labels”.  We all know them.  There’s the soccer mom, the gay boy, the goth, the prep, the good girl/boy, the bad girl/boy, the nerd, the athlete….the list goes on and on, everyone put into their convenient little corner.  It’s handy, isn’t it?  We can see someone, the way they are dressed or the way they cut their hair, and instantly put them into a category in our minds as we decide how to deal with them.

The problem is that we are not “labels”.  We are people.  Am I a soccer mom?  I guess…considering I have 2 kids, drive the requisite mini-van, and yes, have a child that plays soccer.  The thing is, I am so much more.  I’m a wife, a friend, a writer, a painter, a student, an assistant, and a dreamer.  I still carry with me longings that I had when I was in my teens.  I have gained new ones and dismissed others along the way.  Labels bother me in that they dismiss everything that people are, the fact that we (hopefully) grow and change.  You do others a disservice when you dismiss them as “just” a *insert label here*, for that is not all that they are, and you are missing some really great parts of them. 

As I was thinking about all this, a song has kept running through my mind.  It’s by one of my favorite singers, Emilie Autumn.  I have read a lot of people’s ideas about what this song is truly about.  For me, it is about the fact that no matter how well you may know someone, you really can’t know anyone completely.  The person who is your husband, wife, best friend, or co-worker may be surprised by a reaction you have, or the way you feel about an issue.  Quite frankly, I think many of us may surprise ourselves from time to time, and THAT is the heart of this song in my opinion.  Don’t put me in your box.  Don’t think you know me, because I don’t always know myself, and that’s what it is to be human. 


~ by musicloveaffair on May 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “What if?”

  1. I’ve never listened to a four minute song, coming away with the emotional innervation usually reserved for full-length cinematic presentations. Until now that is.

  2. OMG – I absolutely adore Emilie. Opheliac is an epic album. Thank God I’m Pretty falls well into this topic as well. I’ve been out of the country and am just catching up with your blog – wonderful as usual!

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