Silly me….I meant to blog this last week and totally spaced it!  Better late than never!  This is brilliance and MUST be blogged here.

On April 25th, a group of buddies I generally love to begin with, got together at Berklee College.  Their goal:  to create 8 new songs in 8 hours.  This group consisted of Ben Folds (great songwriter to begin with),  Amanda Palmer (also a great all around performer), Damian Kulash (from OkGo), and Neil Gaiman (yes, the author).  It was all part of the “Rethink Music” conference that happened in Boston and was streamed live for all to be a part of.  People were encouraged to send in title ideas for songs and the magic was created.

Are all the songs completely deep and meaningful?  Nope  Creative and highly entertaining?  Most definitely.  The fact that all these songs were created, written, and recorded from scratch in an 8 hour time period is a miracle in itself.  Add to that the humor of this troop of writers and you’ve got brilliance in my opinion. 

My favorite songs are Because The Origami, The Problem with Saints (hilarious), and I’ll Be My Mirror (which actually has a pretty deep message).  Just clickety-click on the link below to hear the creations of 8 in 8.  Enjoy!



~ by musicloveaffair on May 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “8in8”

  1. 8 songs in 8 hours??? Not to mention the quality of the 8 songs!! 8in8 has blown me away. Btw, you can imagine my excitement noticing that the first song is about Nicolai Tesla (guru of electromagnetism). Coincidentally, Gianmarc has also recorded a song about Tesla! If you haven’t heard it let me know and I will get it to you 🙂

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