Horror and opera? ooohh yeaaahh!!!

In 2008, a movie came out that blew my mind.  An all-star cast was put together to make a movie version of the rock opera called “Repo”.  I’m not necessarily a fan of horror in general, but not because it grosses or freaks me out or anything.  Usually, it’s because I think they’re stupid and I don’t think they’ve created a really good horror movie in years. 

The thing about “Repo: The Genetic Opera” is this…..it’s not necessarily overly horrific.  Yes, there is some blood and gore, but anyone who has a semi-solid stomach could watch it, and more importantly, there’s a REASON behind it. 

Without giving too much away, the basic storyline of Repo is that a plague has hit the human race.  It attacks the body and begins destroying organs.  In the wake of this tragedy, one company has risen from the ashes to provide needed body part transplants.  It works much like a standard loan.  Need your spine replaced?  Absolutely!  Just sign the dotted line!  But (and this is the important part)  should you not keep up on your payments, we reserve the right to repossession.  Yes!  We will send out the Repoman to reclaim that spine directly out of your back.  That liver you required?  We were happy to give it to you, but you haven’t paid for it.  Now, we require it back!  Plastic surgery becomes common and every day.  A new drug is invented called Zydrate.  It is gleaned from the dead and is  highly addictive, creating an underground culture of grave robbers in a highly lucrative business.  

This, however, is a music blog, so why am I talking about this movie?  Because it is, above all else, A ROCK OPERA!  The music is brilliant and tells the story of a world gone to hell in a way that is both clear and complex.  The cast of the movie is truly star-studded and they do all their own singing!   This includes Alexa Vega (from the Spy Kids movies), Paul Sorvino (did you know he’s actually a trained opera singer?), Sarah Brightman (Phantom of the Opera fame), Paris Hilton (ok..generally eww…but she’s REALLY good in this!), Anthony Head (younger brother of Murray Head), and Terrence Zdunich who plays the graverobber and originated the score. 

The music varies from some heavy dance/rock beats, to operatic, to soft and touching.  It truly is a whirlwind ride through the storyline and the music fits every twist and turn in the story perfectly.  In the following scene, Shilo has met up with the graverobber and is learning about this underground trade in a song called “Zydrate Anatomy.”

Another of my favorite songs from the movie is a scene with Sarah Brightman who plays Blind Mag in the movie as she goes to visit Shilo.

I did say some songs were touching…and they are.  However, they come towards the end of the  movie, and I’d rather not give the ENTIRE story away.  This is something you should discover for yourself.  If you absolutely cannot stand the sight of blood at all, at least give yourself a chance to check out the soundtrack as it is truly epic! 

I will leave you with one last song.  It’s a short one, and this is about as gross as the movie gets, just to give you a taste of what you might see if you’re squeamish.  Plus, the song just cracks me up.  “No one ever thanks me when I’m done.  How self-absorbed people can be.”

There are times when something comes along that is truly a gem in the pile of rocks.  Rarely do these gems become box office smashes or gain the attention that they truly deserve.  Instead, they will be found by the few who will truly treasure them and see them for what they are, a true work of art.  Repo: The Genetic Opera is one of these.  Watch it, enjoy it, see it for the treasure it is and then let me know what you think!


~ by musicloveaffair on April 30, 2011.

One Response to “Horror and opera? ooohh yeaaahh!!!”

  1. Absolutely have to agree. It’s a movie that really defies description (especially to people who haven’t seen it), because it’s a mash-up of so many different things that really shouldn’t work together… but they do.

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