In the name of all that is Unheilig….

It should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that every once in a while, a German band will pop up in this blog.  Granted, most who read this don’t know the language, but really….does that even matter?  Music is universal and it can move you whether you really know what they’re saying or not.  Or, you could be as obsessive as I am and learn the language so that you can understand.  What’s the saying? Learn something new every day?  So here’s your first German lesson.  Unheilig (pronounced oon-high-lig) means Unholy.  There.  Don’t you feel smarter already? 

Unheilig is a band that I discovered on the Culture Mix spot that I blogged about in an earlier post.  Knowing what the name meant, I wondered as I clicked on their link what I was getting myself into.  Was this going to be some ranting, screaming noise with the lead singer dressed all in black and damning us all to be Lucifer’s next meal?    Nope.  The lead singer calls himself “Der Graf” which means “the Count.”  His deep voice can get rather spooky at times, but it’s interesting and different and he uses its potential well, molding it from rather dark to extremely beautiful depending on the song.  The music is a great mix of rock, electronic synth, and orchestration.  They sort of specialize in doing concept albums in which all the songs revolve around a certain theme (Moderne Zeiten or Puppenspieler.)  Listening to Unheilig often covers all of your needs within one album.  There are songs that make you dance, some that make you cry, and some will give you neck cramps from head-banging.  I love that about them.  They are a one stop shop.  The thing is, it’s done so well and so artfully that you don’t even notice.  “Der Graf” makes it all flow together so nicely that you don’t even notice the changes as they come.  It turns each album into one large production of pure genius. 

The first song I listened to is called “Geboren Um Zu Leben” (Born to Live).  I won’t translate the whole thing (if you really want to know, google…it’s out there), but the chorus says this: We were born to live, with the miracle of time, never to forget oneself into eternity.  We were born to live for this one moment.  Because every one of us felt how valuable life is.   WOW!!! 

This song is called Ich Will Alles (I Want Everything) and gives a taste of their more electronic side.  Plus, you just gotta love a band who leaves their stage dark and covered in candles. 

Another beautiful one is called Astronaut (I’ll let you figure out the translation on that one…duh).  The piano in this is heart wrenching.  I am here, by you, your astronaut. I’ll admit it.  This video makes me cry.

Last, but not least, I’ll leave you with a song they did in English to give your ears a German break.  Plus, I’d hate to leave you totally depressed after that last video.  Children, this is Armageddon.

You can find Unheilig on their Official Website, MySpace, and Facebook.  Some of their music is on US iTunes, and some has to be ordered from across the pond.


~ by musicloveaffair on April 9, 2011.

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