September in April…..

Hey everyone….guess what???  I found my sparkle!  It was in my coat pocket, along with a bit of change, a gum wrapper,  and some lint.  Who knew?? 

Recently, a treasured reader asked when I was going to blog about the group “September.” 

“Who?” I asked.  I could hear the audible gasp across the internet.  The situation was remedied quickly as he linked me up and I said “OOOOHHHHH”.  (That’s the sound I make when something triggers a forgotten something-or-other in the highly disorganized annals of my mind, just in case you were wondering.)  I recognized the song as something I had heard once upon a time and thought was cool, and then immediately forgot.  This happens often.  I’ve started making lists to remedy this problem.  There’s just way too much in this head of mine to remember everything.  Sue me. 

So..September.  The lead singer is a gorgeous Swede named Petra.  That’s a cool name to begin with.  Throw in some great fashion and an awesome dance beat and I’m sold.  Plus, she can sing.  I like her voice a lot and it’s a nice change from the Disneyfied dance music of recent history.  I’ve scoured YouTube a bit, looking at videos, and must also add something here.  I’m pretty impressed that she doesn’t rely on wearing no clothes and seeing how much she can get her arse in your face.  She’s sexy, with style!  Hey!  Maybe that can be her new catchphrase!  All in all, I think September is pretty great.  It’s fun music, plain and simple.  We could all use a bit of fun so turn up your speakers, make sure you have plenty of room, and dance like nobody’s watching!!   You might find some sparkle in your pocket too. 😉 

Somewhere the comparison had to be made….this particular video give me a very ABBA feel.  lol

If you want to continue getting your groove on (and who wouldn’t?), you can find more of September on the Official Website.  She’s also on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and iTunes.


~ by musicloveaffair on April 5, 2011.

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  1. nice !!

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