Another German discovery named Reamonn…

Ssssshhhh……I’m going to give away another secret. Actually, forget the ssshhhh.  Tell your friends, your relatives, your neighbors.  Spread the news far and wide.  For those of you that like to listen to something besides American Top 40 (and you must or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) there is an out of this world site out there.  It’s called Culture Mix.  In basic terms, it is a site you can use to see what people are listening to in other countries.  More specifically, it lists the top 100 songs in 22 different countries.  Feel like seeing what’s up on the Norwegian music scene?  Then Culture Mix is the spot to hit.  Not only do they list the songs, but you can click on them and it takes you to the YouTube link of the song so you can hear it if it looks interesting to you.  I absolutely LOVE this site and I use it a lot whenever I need a new music fix.  (plug plug plug).  I have found a ton of artists there that I never would have heard of otherwise, and I consider myself better for it.  I check the UK and German charts most often and that is where I found this band.

They are called Reamonn.  The lead singer is actually from Ireland, the rest from Germany, and they sing in English.  No translation needed for this blog post.  Their music is a great mix of rock and ballad and their lyrics meaningful.  Everyone I know that has heard Reamonn has at least one of their songs that has touched them or had special meaning to them in some way.  One of my favorites is a song called Open Skies.  It has great lyrics and the orchestration is to die for.

Another one that I love the lyrics to is called “Through the Eyes of a Child”.  It speaks to the heart of where so many of us need to get back to.  Why do we make it so hard?  This life is so complicated until we see it through the eyes of a child. We all need that reminder from time to time.

The next one is called Faith, and if it doesn’t get your blood going from the first second, you better have your blood pressure checked! 

Reamonn is on hiatus at the moment, but as always, the music lives on.  You can find their official site HERE.  When you get there, it’s in German, but there’s a little flag at the top you can click to change it to English.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. I do think that some of their  music is available on iTunes here in the state. Too bad for you, I’m on my new laptop which doesn’t have my iTunes moved onto it yet, so you’ll have to actually accomplish that search on your own. *gasp*  I don’t think all of the music is there however, so if you’re interested you may have to order from across the pond.  Well worth the boat ride to get it here.


~ by musicloveaffair on March 19, 2011.

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