In My Life….

As many of you know, tomorrow is my birthday.  Birthdays are always kind of a melancholy time for me.  I know it’s just a number and you’re as young as you feel, etc etc, blahblahblahblah, and so on.  It’s not really a number thing for me.  Ok, well, some of it is.  I don’t like those lines showing on my face any more than the rest of you.  Here’s the thing about birthdays…’s like that reminder that time is running out.  Life is short and we only get so many years to do the things we’d like to do.  Birthdays are like the slap in the face that says, “You’re time is getting shorter.” 

Now, before you go thinking this is a totally depressing post and that you’re going to regret even reading it, please, just bear with me.  I used to only see the bad side to that slap in the face.  I used to dread my birthdays thinking, “Well, another year gone.  Another year further away from your dreams and closer to the grave.  Now you’re one year older and before long, you’ll be too old to even attempt to try.”  *grumble, grumble, grinch, moan, weep and sob*

However, I’ve come to realize something.  Sometimes, a slap in the face can be the best thing that ever happened.  We’ve all witnessed scenes in movies like this….two best friends and one is flipping out over something or other.  The calm one gives a good cheek whack to their out of control buddy who in turn replies…”Thanks. I needed that.”  What I realized is that we DO need that.  It’s a GOOD thing, or at least it can be if we look at it the right way.  Instead of throwing hands in the air and thinking there’s no point in even trying, flip that around and say “NOW is the time I MUST try!  I have one more year of experience under my belt.  I am one year wiser and better.”   Yes, time keeps on marching whether we want it to or not, but birthdays can be the wake up call that we need to remind us that every day is a new chance to make things happen NOW.   

So, with all of that being said, the song that is on my mind tonight is one of my favorite songs of all time.  It’s by Nena and it’s called In Meinem Leben, which means In My Life.  Yes, I realize it’s in German, but trust me on this one.  The music is beautiful and I’ve translated it (to the best of my ability, so please don’t judge me. lol) below, so you can listen AND understand, because the lyrics are the soul of this song.  I hope you like it, my birthday present to all of you, from my heart to yours.

In My Life

In my life I’ve often flown. I’ve fallen deep and sometimes I’ve also drowned.                                                                                     I have won and I have  lost
I have died and I was newly born
I have given and I have taken
And we’ve found each other and we’ve come so far
I am so close to myself and  yet again so alien.                                                                                                                                              That is from being alone, and nobody knows me
I don’t want to be poor and money doesn’t make me rich
Sometimes life is hard and much of the time I find it easy
I have cried and I have laughed
And finally found out what makes me more beautiful
I have drunk and I have smoked
I have used up my strength and I have gotten back on my feet again.                                                                                                 It’s always life again
It’s always sun again

And here you are, you hold my hand and laugh
Because you know me better than I know myself
I am in love with you, my life
I don’t want to imagine being without you

In my life I’ve often flown
I have also lied and betrayed you and me
I have loved and was drunk from it
I have flown up to the sky and sunk to the deepest point
I let myself go and then stand up again
I live healthy and take drugs too
I count the years and then I don’t
I stand in the darkness and I create the light

And here you are, you hold my hand and laugh
Because you know me better than I know myself
I am in love with you, my life
I don’t want to imagine being without you

I love some people and some love me
And those who don’t love me, I do not miss
I love my children and I love you
And sometimes I don’t feel anything, and then I don’t even feel me
I wish for peace and serenity
A heart that is always warm
I am not ready yet and freedom feels good to me
I hurt myself sometimes,                                                                                                                                                                                               I feel strong, even if right now I am not standing so tall.                                                                                                                                  My fear of dying disappears into the air
Dissolves slowly because life calls me

I am in love with you, my life
I don’t want to imagine being without you
With you I want to go on and I will follow you
And you will also take something from me
I am in love with this life and I will stay with you here until then.


~ by musicloveaffair on March 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “In My Life….”

  1. Oww !
    Thanks … I needed that.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday !!

  2. Very nice post! Happy Birthday Beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Love you!

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