80’s Sampler Platter

Tonight I bring you a sampler platter, a mixed bag of tasty musical treats to satisfy your hunger for that 80’s music that we don’t hear often but still love every time we do.  I am a product of the 80’s and still love the music that decade produced.  It’s a reminder of younger years and easier times when video exploded and moved onto its own channel.  Who could forget those first videos?  We look back on them now with both fondness and a small chuckle at their naive beginnings. 

Remember M?  I have to wonder what this video would look like if it came out today. 

Another of my faves was this song by Gary Numan.  Apparently, he is no longer into cars, but flies planes.  Go figure!

What would any good 80’s feast be without the very first video played on MTV?  I was one of those camped in front of the tv, watching the black screen, waiting in anticipation, and squealing with glee as we got that first sight of the moon man.

I didn’t actually realize it until just the last couple of years, but the following two artists were really the start of my love for German things.

I’ll leave you with this one.  You can dance if you want to. ;P


~ by musicloveaffair on March 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “80’s Sampler Platter”

  1. As soon as I opened this post I got hit in the face with a whole bucket of win.

  2. Okay … this is the best blog that ever lived 🙂

  3. All great 80’s tunes. I have every one of them on my iPod (with almost 5500 songs from the 80’s alone – the most represented decade on my device – how could I not?).

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