Great shows have great soundtracks….

I’m kind of hooked on this show called Being Human on SyFy.  I’m hooked because it is, of course, about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost.  However, it also has some really great songs in it.   If you need reminding, go back and read my “Music is Everywhere” post.  It truly is, and I find that the shows that I really end up loving are the ones that have great music in them. 

Tonight, for instance, was a great episode.  And then…..right towards the end….a poignant, amazing song just caps it off.  My heart flutters, my ears perk, and a new love is born.  Here’s a hint.  When you hear a song in a tv show or commercial or something, grab a pen and paper and write down a line or two from it.  If you don’t have anything handy, just try to get one good line cemented in your brain. Google is your best friend in these situations and I’ve found songs with the vaguest of lyrics.   I had two lines from the song on the show tonight, waited for it to end, and off to google I went. 

Without further ado….I present…..Rubylux “The Boy Could Fly”.  love, Love, LOVE!!!!  (This post can in no way convey my excitement right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

They have an Official Site, are on Facebook and Twitter, and you can get their music on iTunes.  I hate to blog and run, but I have to hit up all these sites and dig up on these guys for the rest of the night!  Cheers!!


~ by musicloveaffair on February 28, 2011.

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