They call him Cheeks…..

Not long ago I put up a special blog alert done by one of my favorite guys.  His name is Brad Bell AKA Cheeks and he’s so multi-talented that it is difficult to put him in a box of what he “does”.  He’s an artist.  He sees the world through sparkly glasses and decorates it with his humor, music, and vision.  He’s an encourager, inspiring people to express themselves in whatever way they feel led and making the world a better place because of it.  He saw early on the power of the internet to entertain, inspire, and connect.  Plus, he’s just a cutie-pie and you can’t help but fall for that twinkle in his eye and his upbeat spirit. 

If you saw the video I posted that he did on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, you already know that he’s an expert at cheeky satire.  He has a ton of satirical videos up on YouTube and no matter how many times I’ve seen them, they can still make me laugh. One of my favorites was his breakdown of Lindsay Lohan’s body language in her court hearing. 

He’s more than comedy.  He does music as well and his latest video was done from the theme song that plays for his videos.  It’s totes ferrealz!  And no worries, he sings too! His music will make you get up and dance!  The second vid is off his EP Glambition and is entitled “Down Low”.

In the wake of last year’s rash of young gays committing suicide, a campaign was started called “It Gets Better” to encourage kids going through a hard time that things will change.  Many stars and artists lent their own voice to this campaign and Cheeks was one of them.  I certainly have not seen all the videos done for this campaign, but I have seen quite a few.  They are all encouraging in their own way, many heartfelt and poignant, but Cheeks, as usual, stood out.  I was hit in the gut by the video that he did…and I’m not even a young gay struggling to find my place in the world.  The thing that was different about Cheeks’ video was that it has a different message, a message of empowerment that speaks to everyone, no matter race, age, gender, or sexual preference.  It’s a message about attitude and making things better right here and right now because each of us has the power to change our own outlook.  Amazing stuff, and a great message for everyone.

In keeping with Cheeks vision of creative artistic expression for all, he’s got a website where people can go and express themselves in whatever way they say fit.  It’s called Cheektopia and you can see it HERE! You can follow him on Twitter, and if you’re interested in seeing more of his videos, he has a channel on YouTube.  His music can be found on iTunes. Just FYI…one of those is an album that is all little ringtones.  “Repeat after me.  I control my own sparkles.”  LOVE!!  lol


~ by musicloveaffair on February 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “They call him Cheeks…..”

  1. :)!!!

  2. The Beatles totally had this figured out !! ha ha ha. I’m in Sarasota FLA now, dealing with 80 degree weather. (Don’t you just hate me?) Regardless, I’m hoping to join you and the gang at The Hot Spot tomorrow evening if bandwidth permits … Love you, brilliant girl 🙂

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