More Linke….

After my last blog, I had a request from a reader to compile a listing of Linke’s songs.  It was her first time hearing We Go On and I’m THRILLED to have been able to bring that song to someone who hadn’t heard it!  So, I will do my best to list them all here.  I decided that rather than bog down the blog with a ton of embedded videos, I will simply list the song name and that will be a link to where you can see or hear the song.  Just click on the name and voila!  Easy Peasy! 

There are 6 songs on the EP.   Those you can buy on either their MySpace or iTunes.  I won’t link to each individual song since they are easily heard and purchased on either of those sites, but the songs are as follows:

Start Right Here, Sail Away, A Myth, Let These World’s Collide, The Pulse, and Collect the Stars.    Well worth the price of the EP! 

Ok….so here goes with the “extras” that are out there.  Just click on the song title to be taken to the song.  Huge thank you’s to the people who have put these videos up for us to hear! 

All The Time

Good Bye (so beautiful)

Headcinema  and Headcinema (acoustic)

Sail Away (acoustic)

Stand Up

Warum Nicht

No Tomorrow

We Go On

No Hero


Never Mind

Tore A Hole

Get Home

Dying But Alive


What I Lost

Heal In Time

Heavily Armed

Irgend ‘n’ Lied

I could not find links for Was Neues, Diseased, or So Keen, so if anyone has them, please add them into the comments or let me know and I can add them here.  Thanks!

And here are the covers….

Epiphany (cover of Staind)

I Miss You (cover of Incubus)

Lips of an Angel (cover of Hinder)

High and Dry (cover of Radiohead)

Hey Ya (cover of Outkast)

California (cover of Phantom Planet)

Wake Me Up When September Ends (cover of Greenday)

Incomplete (cover of Backstreet Boys)

Well, I think that’s it.  If I missed anything, my apologies.  Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it!  Enjoy!

Nina has added some links in her comment below.  Thank you so much!  Now go click on them!  🙂  I also added a few above that Ardnaskela listed that I could find and that Nina didn’t link to so be sure and go back to check out anything you missed.  Thank you both!


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5 Responses to “More Linke….”

  1. There are also :
    Tear Away (cover of Drowning Pool)
    Capricorn (cover of 30 Seconds To Mars)
    Wake me up when september ends (cover of Green Day)
    Honest man
    Look after you (cover of The Fray)
    Something more
    Incomplete (cover of Backstreet Boys)
    Patience (cover of G’n’R, I think)
    Was neues
    Irgend ‘n’ lied
    So keen
    Start into the sun

  2. I’d like to add:
    Honest man
    Untitled from SK-Gaming’s Interview
    Something more (cover of Sinch)
    You raise me up (cover of various artists)
    Patience (cover of Take That)
    Stare into the sun (cover of Thrice)
    Tear away (cover of Drowning Pool)
    Capricorn (cover of 30 Seconds To Mars)
    Look after you (cover of The Fray)

    And I think “Different” is a cover of Acceptance. There are some more songs but I can’t find them anymore.

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