Loving Linke

It’s always sad when a band you love breaks up.  Such was the case when one of my favorite German bands, Panik, split.  However, a door never closes without another opening and the members have gone on to do some great things!  Chris Linke was one of those members.

Chris moved to LA and has since started up a new band simply called “Linke”.  They are awesome!  While completely different in style from Panik, it is quite obvious how much Chris had contributed to that band, both lyrically and musically.  He writes all of the music for his new band. Linke’s music is kind of an alternative/rock/pop blend and I’m loving it!  His EP came out on iTunes in June and he puts new music up on YouTube and MySpace on quite a regular basis.  Word is they are also planning a tour and may be off to Europe this year. 

One of my favorite songs is actually not on the EP and I certainly hope that they put it on an album some day.  It’s called “We Go On” and is a song about our mistreatment of the planet we call home.  “Plants and people dying, but finally we’re running on jets.  We exhaust the oceans. Who cares about the dolphins in nets?”

Another great song is called “World’s Collide” and this one is on the EP.  Amazing!!!

He’s also done a few covers.  I’m usually not a big fan of covers, but this one I just love!!

Linke is in the voting process of Pick the Band right now in which fans actually get to pick who gets signed to the label!  What a concept for a label to actually listen to what FANS want to hear!  If you like Linke, you can go and vote for them HERE!  You can find Linke on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and the music is available on iTunes.


~ by musicloveaffair on February 19, 2011.

9 Responses to “Loving Linke”

  1. love love love!!! esp Worlds Collide. can’t wait til they tour. crossing my fingers I can go hear them play some day soon. 🙂

  2. i think your blog is pretty cool. i was wondering he you could possibly post a list of all of Linke’s songs and all the covers he’s done. that would be great. thanks 😉

  3. You know what’s really disturbing about human nature? The moment a truth becomes “inconvenient” (thank you, Mr. Gore) the great majority of people enter the realm of avoidance behavior. Scientists try to get their message across only to be discredited by politicians who refer to them as “alarmists.” Did I miss something? Where did these politicians get their PhDs? And yet the majority of people side with the politician *headdesk* One day mud will spew from our faucets and people will want answers, explanations, accountability. But until that happens they will continue to vote against higher taxes *multiple headdesks*

  4. I loved Nevada Tan, Loved Panik and now loved Linke! Thanks Paula for posting artists that deserve recognition. Once again I will be reposting this blog on facebook to get the word out.

  5. Wow! I like your blog, you really like Linke and his perfect music. And most of us loved Nevada Tan, loved Panik, but this was in past, unfortunately. Now is Linke’s moment!!

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