Mozart l’Opera Rock

There are some times when fantastic orchestration comes together with great pop/rock music to create something new and magical.  This is the miracle that is Mozart l’Opera Rock.  I first saw this a while ago when I was watching the NRJ awards.  They did a medley of three songs in full costume and I was hooked. 

The French title is not too difficult to figure out.  It’s Mozart, the Rock Opera and it truly lives up to it’s name.  It is a rock opera (a genre I have a particular love for to begin with) about Mozart (who we cannot deny was a great composer).  The costumes are somewhat period but with a modern, almost gothic touch, as if the cast had been pulled from the 18th century and thrown into a vampire underworld.  Of course, that scored it about 100 more points on my scale.  The music is a combination of original pieces and the works of Mozart and the way they are combined is masterful.  It is in French, and after 3 years of French I understand about a quarter of what they’re saying, but that’s what lyrics translation sites are for.  Who cares?  The music is awesome! One of my favorite songs is Le Bien Qui Fait Mal (The Good That Hurts).  It’s basically a song about the pain that comes with loving something.

Another favorite is l’Assassymphonie in which Salieri laments his ability as compared to Mozart’s and attempts suicide.

If the videos don’t convince you, let it be known that the album hit #1 in France and stayed there for quite some time. It was also the #1 tour and won song of the year.  It’s just that catchy and good!

 You can purchase the Original Cast Recording on Amazon.  It’s an import so somewhat pricey but worth it!  There is a soundtrack as well as a DVD available from across the pond as well, and the show just started a second tour this month.


~ by musicloveaffair on February 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mozart l’Opera Rock”

  1. I love it!!! (“Got Homework?” LMAO!!!)

  2. We missed you too. Bank on it 😉

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