Saturday’s music….

If you’re like me, you spend Monday through Friday working and then coming home to spend the evening making supper, cleaning up, helping with homework, and barely finding time to pick up a little before you’re ready to crash.  This leaves Saturday for the heavy-duty cleaning, catching up on laundry, and all those other chores you left behind during the week.  Over the years, I’ve compiled a set of music I call “Saturday’s music”.  Because you’re special, I’ll share it with you. ;P

I start off with Tokio Hotel’s Dark Side of the Sun.  It’s a good “get going” song and I can’t sit still when I listen to it, so it’s great for getting my tired bum off the couch and getting busy. 

Next comes the bathrooms.  I find the Ting Tings especially helpful in cleaning bathrooms.  There’s something about their beats that makes scrubbing tubs and toilets somewhat bearable.

For dusting, may I suggest a bit of Lady GaGa.  Try moving the duster in time to “my my my Pokerface my my Pokerface” and you’ll be done before you know it.

I have two boys, and when it comes to their rooms, we are talking disaster areas.  There is only one song I find appropriate for cleaning up the room of a boy and I love to scream out the chorus to rid myself of the angst of finding half eaten sandwiches under the beds.

Dishes are the bain of my existence. Everyone has that one task that they just can’t stand to do and washing dishes is mine.  They are the big bad “Monster” that I have to conquer and Skillet helps me accomplish that.  This song rocks!

Wow!  We’re almost done!  Nothing left but vacuuming and mopping.  For these tasks, find yourself a nice long symphonic piece.  I highly recommend Mozart’s Symphony 40 in G Minor.  You’ll find yourself gliding the mop across the floors like you’re playing along on the cello.  Plus, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment to finish the chore before the end of the piece.

There you have it, my Saturday music.  Well, a bit of it anyway.  Now, get your butt away from the computer and go get that house spotless!  I’ll be over to check for dust bunnies later.


~ by musicloveaffair on February 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Saturday’s music….”

  1. When Mrs Doc refers to “getting her tired bum off the couch” she’s usually referring to me … LOL. But seriously, awesome playlist !!

  2. I think I have a crush on Cheeks. 🙂

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