That voice so mysterious…

In the late 80’s a show began airing at night on MTV called 120 minutes.  They featured alternative artists that weren’t necessarily featured in their regular rotation and were often yet unheard of in the states.  I can credit this show for my first hearings of artists like Kate Bush, Morrisey, and The Verve among others.  It is also where I first encountered Bauhaus and the voice of Peter Murphy.  Bauhaus had already broken up by then, but Peter Murphy was already into his solo career and I was mesmerized.  I first heard the song “Indigo Eyes” and I ran to the record store to buy the Love Hysteria album.  I loved the Brit feel of the album and Peter’s voice gave me shivers.  It still does.  It’s one of those voices that sticks with you, haunting you along with the lyrics he writes. 

Two of my favorite songs are Cuts You Up (love the violin) and I’ll Fall With Your Knife…

The song “A Strange Kind of Love” is hauntingly beautiful.

Peter is still out there….making music and performing.  I would love to see him one day.  You can find his official site here,  and on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.  His music is available on iTunes.


~ by musicloveaffair on February 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “That voice so mysterious…”

  1. Very impressed. He has the Bowie look going .. can’t hurt.

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