My cure for camp

Tonight, I watched Glee for the first time.  I gave it an honest go, watching two and a half episodes before shutting it off.  I know, I know. Everyone loves Glee…how could I not?  I have to give them credit.  They can sing, and kudos for bringing a musical show to television and sharing music with masses of people who may not have heard some of it before, but it was just a little too campy for my taste.  Nothing against those of you that love it and I can see the draw, just not my thing. 

So, I went searching for something to listen to while I soaked in my tub that was off the beaten path, a little bit strange, a cure for the sugar sweet voices that had filled my ears for the last two and some odd hours.  I found it, the Violent Femmes.  As I listened I couldn’t help but think, the music gods must have a serious sense of humor to come up with a band like the Violent Femmes.  Gordon Gano really is not that great of a singer, the music toes the line between brilliance and hillbilly reunion, and the lyrics are either quite strange or morbidly depressing.  I mean, really, who sings about a man who’s too poor to support his brood so he throws his daughter down a well?  Somehow, they put it all together and it totally works!  I just can’t help but love them.  While they never garnered huge mainstream popularity, they kept a good-sized and loyal following, enough to keep them going until 2009 when they finally called it quits thanks to the Wendy’s “Blister in the Sun” commercial. 

Here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy. 

and one that always just makes me laugh.  “I hope… got…..fat.”  LOL!

Comments are always welcome!!!  (even if it is to tell me I’m an idiot for not liking Glee.  I can take it. I won’t change my mind…but I can take it. lol )


~ by musicloveaffair on February 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “My cure for camp”

  1. How did your tub get off the beaten path ?? LOL. Watch those modifying clauses 🙂

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