The storyteller…

It actually didn’t take much deliberation to decide on the first artist I wanted to share.  His name is Cassidy Haley and he is AMAZING!!!!  He started as an artist, became a fashion designer, and is now concentrated in music.  I am relatively new to the world of Cassidy Haley, but I cannot WAIT to find out more and to follow the great things I know he will accomplish.  I will definately be keeping updates going on him *ahem new video for his song “This Time” coming out February 14th ahem*

There tends to be fan crossover between some artists and a lot of the people I follow on twitter are Adam Lambert fans.  Through them, I came across Cheeks (who I am more than sure to blog about later…LOVE him) and through Cheeks, I found Cassidy Haley.  I was, in short, blown away and I think you will be too.

He is a storyteller for sure.  Each song has it’s own story and his album itself is a journey.  From Prologue to Epilogue and with each song in between, he weaves the most gorgeous tapestry. 

The orchestration is what hit me first and I thought “Wow…that’s truly beautiful”.  Then came the lyrics in the song “Fly”….  “And I’m reaching out, holding out, crying out for a little part of me, just a little part of me, that’s not afraid to fly.”  CHILLS!!  The song “Whiskey in Churches” is without a doubt one of my fave songs to crank up on the iPod and wail along with it’s bluesy feel. 

I recently showed a friend the video for “Daylight Breaks” and she immediately ran to iTunes and purchased the album.  This song is too much for my meager words to describe so I’ll let the song and video speak for themselves.

“Foolish Boy” is another one of my favorites…beautiful melody and lyrics that speak to anyone going through tough times.  “Where you’re going I’ve been before and what you must endure, well it will break you down.  Hold on, hold on and you will find your way back home.”  Pardon me while I grab a kleenex. *sniff* The song “Dying to Live” will have you not only inspired, but make you question whether you are actually “dying to live or living to die”.  Simple words, but an immense question that each of us needs to ask ourselves sometimes.  The album also includes one of the most amazing versions of “Moon River” I’ve ever heard.  

He gets a little more “pop” in his video for Spindle…love it! 

I spent 2 hours one night lost in a youtube loop of Cassidy Haley performances.  I highly reccomend this.  It’s one thing to see a person when the music is all cleaned up, but he is equally as good just sitting in a chair playing his guitar and singing.  In other words, he’s great, he’s awesome, love love love!!! 

If you want to find out more about Cassidy, you can visit his website at  His EP Little Boys and Dinosaurs and his album The Fool are both available on iTunes.  You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.


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